Message from the President

Comprised of next generation leaders from all business endeavors, the Phoenix Club represents the diversity of Nashville’s economic market. We aim to be leaders in business and socio-political sectors in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. Our mission is supported by more than fundraising: we partner with excellent nonprofit organizations and their leaders to create synergistic relationships, reduce their operating costs, and augment our impact throughout the community.

Recognizing that the youth of our city and region are future leaders, the Phoenix Club offers its collective skill sets in entrepreneurship and business by means of mentoring while raising and donating money to our partner non-profit organizations. This unique combination of deliverables thus enhances the area youth’s chances to realize their full potential.

The Phoenix Club of Nashville is uniquely positioned to collaborate with multiple non-profit organizations across Middle Tennessee. By leveraging the strong business relationships and collective acumen of its members, we can maximize impact on economically disadvantaged and in-crisis youth. With our current fundraising structure, we are able to assist in attaining the missions of high-performing non-profit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, Junior Achievement, Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital, and the W.O. Smith Music School. As we grow our reach and fundraising ability, we will continue to expand our influence within these organizations and others across the region.

Moreover, as Phoenix Club looks to the future, we will evolve our giving relationships with our non-profit partners. We see an opportunity to raise the bar in philanthropy by:

Investing in non-profit initiatives that increase the capacity of an organization to serve its mission

• Measuring, tracking, and evaluating results through programmatic outcome reporting
• Connecting area non-profits organizations with similar missions to improve reach, grow programs, and reduce costs
• Adopting a strategic giving approach by targeting successful programs, partnering with leading organizations, and growing the impact at an accelerated rate.

Middle Tennessee is ready to take the next step in smarter philanthropy, and the Phoenix Club of Nashville is positioned to spearhead that effort. Through continued collaboration with our partners, taking a thoughtful and structured approach to giving, and increasing the breadth and depth of our partnerships, we are committed to advance the reach and effectiveness of the youth non-profit landscape.