Member Profile: Cory Cain

Cory Cain is PCON President-elect and four-year member of the club. He is currently a senior program manager for Amazon, with more than a decade of brand marketing experience at Nielson, Mars Petcare and Better Choice Company. What many know about you – but some don’t – is that you’re […]

Member Profile: Brian Adams

PCON Legacy Member Brian Adams Brian Adams is a PCON alumni and Board Member emeritus.  After moving to Nashville from NY, he founded Excelsior Capital – one of the most reputable and successful boutique real estate private equity syndicators in the Southeast. On PCON As a former board member and […]

Member Profile: Brian Nock

2022 PCON President Brian Nock One of the qualities that stands out about you is your ability to problem solve and create processes in instances where there was no process before.  How much of this is natural talent and how much of it comes from experience and learning? As long […]

Member Profile: Reggie Ford

PCON Member Reggie Ford ’21 1) You grew up in Nashville and know many of the community organizations well.  How did you first hear about the Phoenix Club and what do you most want to get from this community?  I first heard about PCON from a colleague at work who had […]

Member Profile: John Boots

VP of Development John Boots   You’ve served as a PCON Board member longer than any active member, what accomplishments are you most proud of over the last few years? Wow, thanks for sharing a fact I hadn’t heard before! It’s a mix of both personal growth, team achievement, and PCON […]

Member Profile: Warren Hawkins

Warren, you were recently re-elected to your second term as a PCON Board Member – a testament to your commitment to the club.  What, if anything, will you change about your approach now that you have a year of experience under your belt? It’s a real honor to serve an […]

Member Profile: Brent Hunter

We’ve read that from the architect’s perspective, space is in constant combat of interpretation.  In your opinion, has there been a shift in architecture from aesthetics to sustainable design? Space is always open to interpretation – like a song or a feeling. I don’t think there’s a shift from aesthetics to sustainability as […]

Member Profile: Rohit Padmanabhan

You attended Lawrenceville in NJ, Rice in Houston and lived in both Barcelona and NYC.  How did you end up in Nashville? Funny story: I was living in NYC and went on a blind date with a friend of a friend in Houston while I was there doing meetings for […]