Interested in Joining – FAQ

Q:  What is the mission of the Phoenix Club?
A:  Our mission is two-fold:

  1. Benefiting under-served youth in Middle Tennessee
  2. Developing members into leaders in their community and in business

Q:  What is the purpose of the prospective process?
A:  The ultimate goal of this process is for prospective members to develop authentic relationships with active members, become educated about the organization, and begin thinking about how they will contribute to the Club’s mission.

Q:  What are the steps for applying to join the Phoenix Club?
A:  Prospective members should:

  • Meet one-on-one with at least ten different Active Members to get to know each other and discuss the Phoenix Club. This is typically over coffee, meeting for lunch, or a happy hour after work, but can be done in any venue or format. During these meetings, the prospective should  learn more about the Member’s experiences in PCON, the Club’s operations and express his interests/strengths with the Active Member.
  • Attend at least two Club events.
  • Generate three asked-and-confirmed sponsors (see Definitions section below), one of which being a current Board Member, on the new member application.
  • Submit the new member application by the stated deadline. Applications submitted after the date/time deadline will not be considered.

Q:  How do I begin the prospective process?
A:  Speak with a current PCON member, who can introduce you to the Recruitment Team. From there you’ll be:

  • Introduced to other PCON members for scheduling one-on-ones.
  • Added to the monthly e-newsletter, so you can stay updated on upcoming PCON events.

Q:  What kind of events does the Phoenix Club organize?
A:  Events include, but are not limited to:

  • Monthly group coffees or happy hours
  • Expert-led speakers/panels on topics affecting Nashville’s underserved youth
  • Fundraising events (ex: Taste of Nashville and Fireball)

Q: When are applications due?

A: Applications are reviewed in November for membership beginning the following year.


  • Active Member:  A current Member of the Phoenix Club; Membership renews each year.
  • Prospective:  A candidate interested in joining the Phoenix Club. 
  • Sponsor:  An Active Member of the Club who is willing to serve as a reference and advocate for a prospective on the new member application. Sponsors are the candidate’s champion during voting. They typically have either an existing, meaningful relationship with the prospective or have developed this beyond a single meeting during the prospective year. A prospective should only list a sponsor on the application after they have asked and received confirmation from the active member.
  • Legacy:  An alumni-like, paid membership status that active members can transition to after serving in the Club for at least two years.